Zenaide & Raymond

May 10, 2024
The Fives Beach Resort
Playa del Carmen, Mexico


May 10, 2024
The Fives Beach Resort
Playa del Carmen, Mexico

About the Bride and Groom

Raymond and Zenaide met in the middle of June 2021 on a river rafting date that was supposed to last a few hours. Ray and Zena went into their date with zero expectations and were both immediately drawn to each other. Their afternoon first date turned into about a week long vacation that included river rafting, swimming, and jet boating. They will both cherish these memories forever.

Ray and Zena quickly formed a connection, bond and friendship that is so unique and strong that they will forever be inseparable. They have become best friends. Zena naturally took on a motherly role to Ray’s daughters, Rowen and Lilah.

In 2022, Ray and Zena introduced their son, Ruston, into the world. During their first time out of the country to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in February 2022, Ray purposed to Zena during a sunrise over the Pacific Ocean.

Ray and Zena look forward to their future together as they continue to build themselves as a team and a family. They look forward to promising their lives together with you as their witness! 

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